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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Letter A Varsity Jacket. (Pre-order)

Free Size.
Fit Size XS- L. Unisex.
RM 60

Colour available : Sky blue , Dark blue. 

Please fill the order form above to place order .
Happy shopping =)

#Varsity Batch Closed every 10th, 30th monthly.


  1. saya nk order nie.. tapi kalau rumah dekat tangkak kena pos jugak or hand by hand?

  2. okey..by hand saja..isi order form ye.. COD (area tangkak)

  3. baju ni free size la..size xs to L muat baju ni..

  4. tak..maca dlm gambar yg pertama tu..

  5. kalau isi order form 10 april still bole order ?

  6. yg batch 10 da tutup..next batch k..